Terms And Conditions of Rental


When renting the VEHICLE from SMART, the HIRER shall comply with the following obligations:
1. The HIRER acknowledges that the VEHICLE is the property of SMART and that the VEHICLE is in perfect running condition. The HIRER is under obligation to
return the VEHICLE together with all tyres, tools, accessories, equipment and documentation at the Return Location identified in the Rental Agreement at the time and date approved by SMART in as good order and condition as the VEHICLE was provided to the HIRER during collection of the VEHICLE at the start of the Rental period.

2. The HIRER understands that motor fuel is not included in the rental rates and agrees to be responsible for refilling the VEHICLE with the same level of fuel (if petrol car, unleaded 95 only) as rented out upon return, failing which, the HIRER shall be charged for the cost of the fuel difference along with a service fee of S$20.00 (inclusive GST). The HIRER is also
obliged to refill the VEHICLE with the correct type of premium grade fuel  and to be fully responsible for any damage that may be caused to the VEHICLE due to unsuitable fuel being added to its tank.

3. The full rental cost is payable in advance of the Rental Period. HIRER shall inform SMART by telephone or email of any delay in collecting the rental vehicle after the pre-arranged booking date and time, failing which SMART reserves the right to cancel the booking without refund. If HIRER returns the vehicle more than one hour after the agreed return time, it shall be considered Late return which is chargeable at one fifth of daily rates for every hour of delay.

4.  The HIRER agrees to drive and use the VEHICLE in a careful and skillful manner in accordance with all applicable local road traffic laws and regulations. In
the event of any road offence or infringement involving the VEHICLE, the HIRER agrees to be fully liable for all costs that may arise from such  violations, including but not limited to: charges, fines, penalties, administrative costs arising from the VEHICLE being clamped, seized or towed away, costs arising from failure or lateness to pay such charges, court costs, and any other charges levied by any issuing authority/ relevant organization. The HIRER also agrees to respond  to all Police and Traffic Court Summonses, including all notices and inquires in connection therewith.

5. The HIRER agrees to take proper care of the VEHICLE and take any preventive actions necessary to keep the VEHICLE in good working order. 

6. The HIRER shall use the vehicle with all reasonable care and respect, and shall not use, or allow the VEHICLE to be used for any illegal purpose, to participate in any speed test, racing, off-roading or contest or for any non-domestic purpose; for the purpose of giving driving lesson or driving  practice (regardless of when the driving license was issued); under the influence of any intoxicating substance or liquid, or under the influence of any drug (whether legal or illegal).

7. The HIRER shall ensure that the VEHICLE will be driven only by the HIRER and that the HIRER is/are duly qualified driver(s) of 23 years of age and above up to a maximum age of 70 years old, and at the time of renting the VEHICLE hold a current full and valid license with a minimum 2 years of qualified driving experience; Singaporeans or PR are required to have valid Singapore Class 3 driver's licence. For foreigners (tourists, work pass holders), foreign driving license must be valid International driver's license accompanied by official English translation  if needed.

8. The HIRER is fully responsible for paying all Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) fees incurred during the rental, in addition to all toll fees, charges and penalties.

9. If the HIRER wishes to extend the rental beyond the booking period, the HIRER shall inform SMART at least 24 hours in advance in writing and subject to SMART's approval and availability. HIRER shall pay the rental fees in advance of the rental extension, failing which the HIRER will not be covered by required motor insurance.

10. In the event that HIRER wishes to cancel, postpone or amend the reservation,  HIRER shall contact SMART by phone (+65 6485 7777 ext1) to confirm the cancellation, postponement or amendment at least 48 hours in advance in order not to incur any penalty or fees, failing which SMART reserves the right to charge the HIRER for the full rental cost without refund.

11. The hirer agrees that SMART reserves the right to replace with another model of equivalent or higher engine capacity in the event that the  rental vehicle chosen by the HIRER is unavailable at any time during the rental period.

12. The HIRER shall not allow any unauthorised driver to drive the VEHICLE.

13. The HIRER shall not take the VEHICLE out of the Republic of Singapore without the prior permission or written consent of SMART, otherwise the HIRER will not be covered by insurance and shall be held fully liable and responsible for all costs and expenses including but not limited to the damages, repairs, towing fees,
fines or claims of any nature.

14. The VEHICLE is insured under a standard motor vehicle insurance policy in accordance with the laws of Singapore and covers HIRER’s liability in respect of
third party death and bodily injury and third party property damage. The HIRER agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of said policy.  HIRER agrees to protect the interest of SMART and the insurance company.

15. The HIRER agrees that for any loss/damage to the VEHICLE and/or its accessories identified upon return of the VEHICLE, the HIRER shall be fully liable for
all charges, fees, damage to or loss of the VEHICLE and SMART shall notify the HIRER of such damages and charges by post or by email to the addresses
provided by the HIRER to SMART, regardless of whether the inspection of the VEHICLE was done in the presence or absence of the HIRER.  

16.  In the event of any breach by the HIRER of any terms and conditions of this Agreement, or if SMART deems the loss or damage caused to the VEHICLE or
a third party resulting from use of the VEHICLE to be due to negligence or deliberate misuse by the HIRER, additional Driver and/or any unauthorised driver;
(a) The HIRER acknowledges and agrees that SMART’s Standard Vehicle Insurance Policy and/or CDW cover may cease to be valid and effective ;
(b) The HIRER shall pay SMART on demand all losses and damages suffered by SMART including but not limited to any loss or damage suffered by SMART
due to loss of use or loss of the VEHICLE for any reason whatsoever;
(c) The HIRER shall pay on demand all costs and expenses (including legal costs) incurred by or on behalf of SMART 
(d) The HIRER shall at all times indemnify and keep indemnified SMART and shall save and keep SMART harmless against all losses, damages, claims, penalties,
liabilities and expenses including legal costs, however arising or incurred by SMART.

17. PROVIDED HOWEVER, that if the VEHICLE is operated by the HIRER in accordance with all the full terms and conditions of rental and the HIRER did not
breach any applicable laws, the HIRER’s liability for damage arising out of any collision should be reduced if the HIRER had purchased Collision Damage Waiver
(‘CDW’) cover prior. And further provided that if and only if the VEHICLE is operated by the HIRER in accordance with the terms and conditions of rental hereof,
and that SMART does not deem the damage to be due to the HIRER’s negligence or deliberate misuse, the HIRER’s liability for any damage to the VEHICLE
shall not exceed the accident excess amount of S$5,000.00 per accident/damage.

18. The HIRER confirms that all the  information provided during the booking and upon filling out the Rental Agreement is complete, valid and accurate. SMART reserves the right to verify the information provided by HIRER after the booking has been made by requesting for further documents from the HIRER. If any of the information provided by the HIRER is found to be inaccurate or incomplete, SMART reserves the right to cancel of booking at any point before or during the rental period.

19. SMART fully reserves its rights to terminate the Rental Agreement at any time before the pre-arranged date stated on the front page of the Rental Agreement for reasons including but not limited to discovery of fraud, illegal activity, insolvency, bankruptcy and ceasure of business by the HIRER, and such early termination will not affect the rights of SMART under the Rental Agreement, including the right to receive and/or claim any amounts which the HIRER shall pay to SMART under the Agreement.

20.  SMART reserves the right to review rental rates as and when it deems fit, including but not limited to festive seasons and peak periods.  In the event HIRER has completed and paid in advance for a booking  based on a rate that has been incorrectly posted, SMART reserves the right to correct the rate or cancel the reservation with full refund to the HIRER (provided that reservation was prepaid) at its discretion,  and SMART will inform the customer of such cancellation in writing. 

21. All agreements relating to the rental between the HIRER and SMART shall be governed by and is construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore.

22. SMART will process of HIRER’s Personal Data (which HIRER hereby declares is accurate and complete) in accordance with the terms of the Rental Agreement and
applicable data protection laws. SMART’s data protection policy is available upon request. 

23. The HIRER shall be provided with the full terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement upon the signing of the same and hereby agrees to comply with all the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement.