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Terms and Conditions

a.     SMART - means SMART CAR RENTAL PRIVATE LIMITED,  which include it’s  successors-in-title and  assigns
b.     RENTER - means  the person(s)  signing  this agreement,  any  other  person  or  entity to which  the charges incurred under this agreement are to be billed, and any  ADDITIONAL DRIVER shown on the front page of this Agreement or otherwise permitted to drive the vehicle with the written consent of SMART.
c.     VEHICLE - means the motor vehicle  or any  substitute  or replacement  vehicle  described in  this Agreement and/or  other Form of  Records,  includes  all tires,  tools,  accessories,  equipment,  keys,  parts and  vehicle documents in or on the vehicle.

1.    The RENTER acknowledges that the VEHICLE is the property of  SMART and  that  the  VEHICLE  is in perfect running  condition.  The RENTER  is  under  obligation  to  return  the  VEHICLE  together  with  all tires,  tools, accessories  and  equipment  on  the  pre-arranged  date - earlier  if  SMART  requests - in as good order and condition as the VEHICLE was when collected by the RENTER from SMART.

2.     Fuel is at the RENTER’s expense. All VEHICLES are delivered with fuel and must be returned with the same amount of fuel as at the time of delivery. In the event the RENTER is unable to fill up the fuel for the VEHICLE, SMART will be authorized to do so in his name and for the RENTER’s account.

3.    The RENTER agrees to take proper care  of  the  VEHICLE  and  to  drive  the  same  in  a  careful  and  skillful manner observing the traffic regulations and laws and  in  the  event of any breach thereof, the RENTER  shall pay all fines and penalties which may be incurred and shall also answer all Police and Traffic Court Summon -es, including all notices and inquiries in connection therewith. In particular the RENTER is to ensure that;

              (a)    The VEHICLE must not be overloaded;
              (b)    At all times the VEHICLE must be provided with sufficient oil, water and the prescribed tire pressure;
              (c)    When not in use the VEHICLE must be properly parked and locked.
4.     The full rental cost  calculated  on  the  basis of the daily rental charge is payable in advance on delivery of the VEHICLE to the RENTER.  At  the expiration of  this  rental  contract, i.e.  when the  VEHICLE  is returned to the location  indicated   in  this Contract,  any  additional  rental  charges,  which  may  have  been  incurred,  shall become due for immediate payment.

5.     The  refundable  deposit  specifies  by SMART  from  time  to  time,  is  payable  by  the RENTER to SMART on delivery of the VEHICLE. SMART shall be entitled to deduct from the said deposit at its discretion and without notice to the RENTER any amount due or owed by the RENTER to SMART.

6.    The RENTER shall use the VEHICLE with all reasonable care and shall not;

       (a)    use,  or  allow  the use  of  the  VEHICLE contrary  to  any law,  rule or regulations in force in Singapore for any illegal purpose, or in any manner by which the VEHICLE might become liable to seizure, confiscation or forfeiture; or
       (b)    carry passengers in excess of the limit for which the VEHICLE is licensed; or
       (c)    carry passengers or property for reward; or
       (d)    participate in any race test or contest or for any purpose other than a domestic one; or
       (e)    use the VEHICLE for the purpose of giving driving lessons; or
       (f )    use , operate or drive the VEHICLE under the  nfluence of  any  intoxicating  substance or  liquid; or  under the influence of any drug ;or
       (g)    do  or allow or  cause  anything  to  be  done, or  omit  to  do, allow or cause anything to be done, whereby SMART’s Standard vehicle insurance policy shall no longer be effective.

6.1  That  the  VEHICLE  will  be  driven  only  by  the  RENTER and  that  the  RENTER are  duly  qualified drivers of 23 years of age and above and hold current and valid licenses to drive the VEHICLE.

7.     The RENTER shall not take the VEHICLE outside the Republic of  ingapore and  shall  keep the VEHICLE  at all times in his possession and custody and not part with its possession or custody to any other person. If for any reason, the  VEHICLE is taken out of Singapore without the prior permission or written consent of SMART, the RENTAL shall be held  liable and fully responsible for all cost and  expenses  including but  not  limited to damages, repairs, towing fee, fines or claims of any nature.

8.    The  VEHICLE is  NOT  covered  by  a  policy  of  insurance  covering  PERSONAL  injuries to  or  death  of  the RENTER  or   his driver.   Arrangement may  however  be  made  at  the  request  of  the  RENTER  to cover the VEHICLE with such a policy during the period of the hire up to a maximum coverage of S$20,000.00 upon the RENTER   having  agreed  to  pay   the  current  rate  of   premium  as  evidenced  by  his  initials  in  the   P.A.I. (PERSONAL  ACCIDENT  INSURANCE) space  provided  on  the  front  page hereof. A copy of such a policy is available for inspection at SMART’S place of business for the time being. If the RENTER does not arrange for this  insurance  cover  SMART  shall  not  under  any  circumstances  be  liable  to  make  any  payment  to the RENTER  in  respect  of  or  to  indemnify  the  RENTER  against  any  loss, injury or damage sustained by the RENTER  arising out of the use of the VEHICLE or as a result of  any defect  therein.   Upon taking  delivery  of
the VEHICLE the RENTER shall be deemed to have satisfied himself that it is in all respects road worthy and in a proper and safe condition.

9.    The  VEHICLE  is  insured  under  a  standard  motor  vehicle  insurance  policy  in  accordance  with  laws  of Singapore covering liability of the RENTER, in respect of party injury or death and passenger risk liability. The RENTER  agrees  to  be  bound  by the terms and conditions of the said policy, a copy of which is available for inspection. The RENTER agrees to protect the interest of SMART and the insurance company in the event of accident by;

       (a)    obtaining  names  and  addresses of  all  parties  involved  and of  witnesses and not admitting liability or guilt without advance notice to SMART;
       (b)    not abandoning the VEHICLE without adequate provisions for safeguarding and securing same;
       (c)    giving   detailed   report   including   diagram  even  in cases  of  slight   damage   within  24 hours at   the nearest police station;
       (d)    notifying  SMART’s  insurers  immediately  of  such  accidents  and  submitting  a duly completed Motor   Accident Report Form;
       (e)    delivering to SMART  all correspondence,  Writs or  documents  of  any  kind  received  by  the  RENTER     relating to any accident involving the VEHICLE while rented under the Agreement ;
       (f )    comply   with  all  requests  by  SMART  to  provide  assistance  in  any  litigation  or  investigation  of  such accident.

10.   The  RENTER  expressly  agrees  to  pay  SMART  on  demand  all  time  and  mileage surcharges, minimum or other  charges  applicable  to  this  rental  at  rates or in the amount specified herein and in the current tariff published  by  SMART  and  in  addition,   a  sum  equal to  the  amount or cost of all loss and damage to or in connection with the said  VEHICLE during the rental period.  The RENTER hereby assigns to SMART any and all damage and insurance claims,  which he  may have in this connection and agrees that  the same be paid directly to SMART.

11.   SMART cannot be held responsible for any damages, not covered by insurance, to the RENTER and any third party in connection with the operation and the rented VEHICLE as well as the loss or damage to articles stored or left in the VEHICLE during the rental period. The RENTER agrees to exonerate SMART from all responsibility in connection with any loss or damage or inconvenience caused by the belated delivery of the VEHICLE to the RENTER, possible motor troubles or any other causes.

12.   The person(s) signing the Contract assumes full personal responsibility, jointly and severally with the firm, person or organization, the driver or all substitute drivers in whose name he/they might sign.

13.   Arising out of any breach by the RENTER or any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement ;

       (a)    The RENTER  shall pay  SMART on  demand  all  losses  and damages suffered by SMART arising out of any breach by the  RENTER  of any  terms  and  conditions  of this Agreement including, but not limited to any loss or damage suffered by SMART from SMART’s loss of use or loss of the VEHICLE for any reason whatsoever.
       (b)    The  RENTER  shall  pay  on  demand  all  costs  and  expenses  (including legal costs) incurred by or on behalf of SMART for taking any legal proceedings to enforce the provisions of this Agreement.
       (c)    The RENTER shall at all times indemnify and keep indemnified SMART and shall save and keep SMART harmless against all losses, damages, claims, penalties, liabilities and expenses including legal costs however arising or incurred by SMART.

PROVIDED  HOWEVER,  that if the VEHICLE is operated by the RENTER in accordance with all the terms and conditions of rental hereof, the RENTER’s liability for damage arising out of any collision should be reduced if the  RENTER  had  purchased (prior to such collision) the Collision Damage Reducer (C.D.R.) and agreed to pay the requisite fee as evidenced by the  RENTER’s  initials  in  the  C.D.R. space provided on the front page hereof.   And further provided that if and only if the VEHICLE is operated by the RENTER in accordance with all the terms and conditions of rental hereof, the RENTER’s liability for any damage shall not exceed S$ 5000,00. per accident.

14.   If  the VEHICLE is not returned to SMART on the due date as stated in the front page hereof or if the  RENTER is in breach of any of  the  terms of this  Agreement,SMART shall be entitled to repossess the VEHICLE at the RENTER’s expense at any time without giving him prior notice and  the  RENTER hereby irrevocably authorize SMART,  its servants  or agents  to  enter into and unto any premises in which the VEHICLE may be in order to repossess  the  same  without  being  liable to  any  actions  or  proceedings at the suit of the RENTER or any persons claiming under or through him.

        15.   The RENTER is responsible for Electronic Road Pricing fees during the operative hours.

16.   SMART may provide the GPS Navigation system in conjunction with its car rental service. However, the quality and coverage of the service is dependent on various factors and may be  impaired by geographic, atmospheric and other conditions or circumstances beyond SMART’s  control. As such, SMART will not be liable and/or responsible to compensate RENTER arising  from the non-performance of the GPS Navigation system.
17.   No warranty or representation of any kind express or implied is given by SMART in respect  to the operation of the  CNG  system that is in selected vehicles, if any,  and  this  Agreement  contains no  condition  or  warranty express or implied as to its quality or fitness for any purpose.  SMART shall  not be  under  any circumstances be liable to make any  payment to the  RENTER  in respect of or to indemnify the  RENTER against  any  loss, injury or damage sustained  by the   RENTER or the authorised operator/driver or any third party as a result of the presence or use   of  the  “CNG”  vehicle or as a result of any  defect  therein  or break-down thereof and in taking  delivery of the vehicle the RENTER shall be deemed to have satisfied himself that it is in all  respects roadworthy and in proper and safe condition.   
18.   The VEHICLE may be equipped with Global Positioning System –Tracking Hardware to locate the position of the VEHICLE. The RENTER shall not demand to remove the GPS device from the VEHICLE and shall indemnify SMART free from all claims including but not limited to privacy act and allowed SMART at anytime to monitor the position of the VEHICLE.
19.   The VEHICLE may be equipped with Engine Immobilize System. If the RENTER is in breach of any of the terms of this Agreement, SMART reserve all it’s rights to immobilize the VEHICLE at any time without giving prior notice to The RENTER. SMART shall be entitled to repossess the VEHICLE at the RENTER’s expense. Any mishap that may arise in enforcing it shall be under the full responsibility of the RENTER. And the RENTER shall at all times keep SMART fully indemnify against all claims whatsoever.

20.   No relaxation, forbearance or indulgence by SMART in enforcing any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall prejudice or affect the rights and powers of SMART.

21.   This agreement and VEHICLE cannot be assigned or transferred by RENTER. The RENTER remains responsible regardless of any attempted assignment.
22.  This agreement shall be governed by and is construed in accordance with the laws of Republic of Singapore.

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