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Need a car for long-term, but deterred by lengthy, complicated purchasing, registration and servicing processes? We're here for you.

  • SMART Leasing is a cost-effective solution for corporations and even individuals to rent a high quality vehicle at an affordable monthly rate.
  • From a minimum lease period of 12 months, SMART offers you flexibility in the length of rental. What's more: for individuals/companies committed to rental periods of a minimum of 36 months, you get the choice of renting a brand new vehicle of your choice!
  • SMART leasing comes complete with benefits including motor vehicle insurance, road tax, maintenance service, free replacement vehicle and 24-hour roadside assistance service, offering you quality and reliability and hassle-free motoring.

How does it work? 
Our sales team will be with you from start to end, from selecting the car with you, co-ordinating  the purchasing and registration of the car and keeping track of servicing and maintenance of your vehicle. Vehicles available for leasing include various models of passenger vehicles, multi-purpose vehicles (MPV) and sport utility vehicle (SUV) etc.
Here's a quick summary of the extensive benefits associated with car leasing/ rental:
  • The economical choice – Your monthly payments will be lower with a lease/ rental than a purchasing option.
  • No initial hefty outlays, lower down payment – No more heavy capital outlay for accessing the latest car model. Typically you will only be asked to pay a refundable deposit of up to three months up-front.
  • No hassle  – No need to worry about any unexpected car maintenance costs, scheduling servicing or not having a car available when it's at the workshop.
  • Please call +65 6485 7777 or email: for more information.
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