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SMART Leasing is an economic solution that provides corporations and even individuals with a vehicle at an affordable monthly rate. Whether it is one or more, SMART operating lease offers you flexibility in the length of rental and time of rental. The long-term rental period is from 12-36 months with companies/individuals who take up the 24-36 months rental scheme being given the choice of brand new vehicles. 
SMART leasing benefit comes complete with motor vehicle insurance, road tax, maintenance service, free replacement vehicle, organizing and obtaining quotes and 24-hour roadside assistance service, offering you quality and reliability and hassle-free motoring.

Our sales team will co-ordinate and service your account, accompany you to select the car of your choice and we will do the purchasing and registration of the car. Vehicles available for leasing include various models of passenger vehicles, multi-purpose vehicles (MPV) and sport utility vehicle (SUV) etc.
Here is a quick summary of the extensive benefits associated with car leasing/ rental:
  • Lower payments – Your monthly payments will be lower with a lease/ rental than a purchasing option.
  • No initial hefty outlays – No more heavy capital outlay for accessing to the latest model and hence, you can deploy your working capital to other areas for better returns.
  • Lower down-payment – Typically you will only be asked to pay a refundable deposit of up to three months up-front.
  • More options – Due to the lower expense you can often afford cars that were previously out of reach, financially (though it is important to stick closely to your budget).
  • More choices – At the end of the agreement you can simply walk away from the car or choose to take out another lease or even exercise the option to buy over the car.
  • Car maintenance & other expenses – As the lease/rental includes servicing, maintenance, road tax, insurance and replacement car (when the car is recalled for maintenance service/repairs), you do not need to worry about any unexpected maintenance costs. In addition, you have the convenience of a spare car at your disposal when the original car is in the workshop.
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