Why choose Smart Car Rental?

SMART has been in the car rental business since 1992. We pride ourselves on providing reliable and affordable vehicles along with a flexible, hassle-free rental experience, giving you a peace of mind to simply enjoy the drive.  We offer short-term, long-term and corporate packages for economy  vehicles, luxury sedans and commercial vans to suit your motoring needs. 

Add-ons & Services

Chaffeur Service

Need a break from driving or expecting an important guest? Let our chauffeur service help you go anywhere in comfort and style while also saving time by taking care of parking, electronic road pricing and petrol charges.

Delivery & Collection

You can have your car dropped off or picked up right at your doorstep. We also provide airport transfer services subject to availability.

Childseats and GPS

Child seats are available for rent for safety of the little ones. We are also renting out GPS units for convenience.

Corporate Leasing

Need the latest car model for long-term, but deterred by complicated and costly purchasing, registration and maintenance processes? We're here for you. Our individual and corporate lease packages start from just 12 months.


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